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Product description
Our first decaf coffee and also with a great taste! You can look forward to a very clean and sweet coffee full of apricots, caramel and cocoa.

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Characteristics of coffee

1kg, 250g

Country of origin

Suaza, Huila


Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

Type of coffee

100% arabica, výběrová káva, zrnková káva

Recomended recipe


Brew ratio:
15g/ 250 g

95 °C

Extraction time:

About coffee

Since day one of Osito Coffee they have been working with the group colloquially known as “Divino Niño” in Suaza. Over these 3+ years, this group has grown from 25 producers to over 50. Edilma Polania Bermeo is the president of the group. Along with Adrian Bocanegra and Mario Salazar, they keep this group organized and facilitate meaningful growth. Osito founded its one and only annual cup competition with Divino Niño called the Copa Suaceña. It is through this competition we have found many great single farm microlots.

About processing

The coffee is first roasted at low pressure to remove the skins and then moistened with hot water to swell and soften the beans. This prepares the coffee for ‘caffeine hydrolysis’, where it is washed several times with the natural compound ethyl acetate, which is produced as a by-product of sugar cane processing. This draws the caffeine out of the beans. Once this process is complete, the coffee must be cleaned of any remaining ethyl acetate using pressurised steam before going into the final boxes. From here, the coffee is moved to vacuum drying drums where the water previously used to wet the beans is removed and the coffee is dried to between 10 and 12 %.

Taste profile
How to understand the grid on packaging?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to choose your coffee, so we worked with the guys from Steezy Graphic Studio to come up with a “grid” – a simple grid where you can easily find the characteristics of each coffee.
The red dot next to the description of each coffee is placed exactly there, so that you can easily imagine how the coffee will taste.

Citrus – chocolate
Here we’d like to give you an idea of how fruity the coffee will be. There’s a long way from citrus to chocolate, so imagine more in between:
citrus, berries, green apples, red apples, stone fruits, dried fruits, nuts, milk chocolate and dark chocolate 😉

Mild – wild
What is mild coffee? We’d say it’s unpretentious. A coffee that you can just have every morning and not have to think too much about it. It’s just good.
The higher the dot, the more excitement you can expect in the taste of coffee. The more surprising and fun it can be. These coffees are fruity, fun, interesting and make you think about what it is that you actually enjoy about them so much.