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Speciality coffee for your café.

Are you a café that serves specialty coffee or do you want to become one?
Are you a company whose team craves great coffee and drinks a lot of it?
We have wholesale pricing on our coffee and coffee equipment. We will be happy to advise you on what “toys” to get for your company.
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Coffee as a benefit for employees

Do you want your employees to keep their eyes open and look forward to the best coffee at work? We are happy to prepare coffee packages as a gift for your employees. Contact us using the form, let’s make arrangements!

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    Petra Střelecká and Adam Obrátil

    They met before they went to work in prestigious London cafes in 2011. Adam shot thousands of coffees for Taylor Street Baristas and Petra brewed great food and coffee for Prufrock Coffee.
    In 2013, they founded Industra Coffee together, originally at Masná 9 in Brno’s industrial zone. To everyone’s surprise, a lot of people started coming to their café at the worst address (once even Dara Rolins, Maxim Velčovský, Jana Kirschner, Lukáš Hejlík or Shopaholic Nikol) and the café became a legend among Czech cafés. For almost four years, Petra and Adam endured it alone in the café every day. Today they have a great group of helpers <3
    In March 2021, the café had to move to Nová Zbrojovka, where together with their team they are setting up a coffee roastery.

    Milan, Kája, Adam, Venda, Petra, Vitek and Tom

    Milan is the most proper Slovakian guy who will make you a great coffee not only from the coffee machine, but also from our 12 kg Diedrich roaster.
    Kája is smiling from ear to ear and she packs all the coffee packages! Wendy’s hands in the flour make magic with your favourite cakes and pies. Vojta’s enthusiasm for science and coffee will show you that making coffee is a universe.
    Vitek’s humor will get you out of your chair. Tom is so fast you can’t even see him!
    This is our team, this is us. Smiles, music and coffee.

    try our coffee at home or in our café try our coffee at home or in our café try our coffee at home or in our café try our coffee at home or in our café