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Do you know where chai comes from? Do you know what it is and what its history is? And have you ever had a proper Indian chai masala? And last but not least, have you ever had Indian coffee?

If any of these questions intrigue you and you want to know more, there is only one place you want to go on Thursday 14.3. – Industra Coffee in Nusle – Prague!

If you’ve already been to our Prague shop and ordered chai, we served you Pamban chai. And this product is no accidental discovery. Our Miro was involved in its development and in the creation of this brand. It’s a chai that, thanks to its traditional taste and quality, is now used by most of Britain’s speciality cafes. Pamban was founded by friends Mayhul and Arun, who are originally from India and Sri Lanka. They have therefore been connected to the culture of drinking and making chai all their lives, and their intention was to share this unique product with others, at its best.

Together with Greenheads, we are launching the distribution of the barista version of Pamban for the Czech Republic and invite you to come and taste it and compare it with the traditional masala. We will be brewing this one next Thursday, March 14th at 15:00 in our Prague shop. At the same time we will be serving coffee from India, more specifically from farm on which our Miro was back in 2022. Himu and his wife have their farm on the border of one of the largest forests in the world, in the Western Ghats forest area in Krischnagiri and our friend Lukáš from Lot roastery in Bratislava will roast the coffee for us!

So come, we are looking forward to seeing you together with Arun, who will gladly tell you all about the history of chai and the tradition of drinking it and maybe we will prepare some chai cocktail!


The biggest domestic coffee festival of the year is fast approaching and we will not be missing there! Everything will start on Friday 15.3. right after the chai party where you can prepare your taste buds for a lot of coffee and culminate on Saturday, all in the Sports Hall Královka. We’ll be there the whole festival in the roasters village with our booth.

As well as giving you the chance to sample all the coffees, from our current range of filters and some super espresso, we’re also grabbing loads of accompanying fun for you. Here’s a little taste of what you can look forward to!

10:00Cupping of our coffees
12:00Cupping of same processed coffees
16:30Oatly! latte art throwdown
10:00Cupping of our coffees
12:00Cupping of same processed coffees
16:30One coffee, different brewing methods

On top of that, we’ll be making one coffee after another, Vojta’s sensory competition will be running throughout the festival for cool prizes and there might even be a photo booth! So come, we are looking forward to see you!

zpět nahoru
try our coffee at home or in our café try our coffee at home or in our café try our coffee at home or in our café try our coffee at home or in our café