Product description
We really like Guatemalan coffees in espresso, so we have another one in our offer! Full sweet body with strong notes of raisins in chocolate and almonds, complemented by a juiciness of cherries.    

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Characteristics of coffee
Country of origin





promyté, washed

Type of coffee

100% arabica, výběrová káva, zrnková káva, 100%arabica, specialty coffee, coffee beans

Recomended recipe

Amount of coffee:
9 g single, 18 g double

94,5 °C

Weight of final drink:
20 g single, 40 g double

Extraction time:
30 seconds

About this coffee

Juan Javier carries out 3 pickings during the harvest to ensure that what he is picking is ripe coffee beans. The days picking is submerged under water so that the unripe, over ripe and hollow coffee cherries float and can be sorted out. The coffee is de-pulped and runs through a Criba or a size and density sorter. The fermentation takes about 30 hours and they do a submerged fermentation, where the coffee is ‘fermenting’ completely submerged under water. It is then washed with fresh water through the channels and dried in patios for 6 – 7 days, turning the coffee every 40 min. with a rake with rubber ends to ensure the coffee is not broken while it is moved. The dried parchment is then sieved through a size sorter to get the best and even beans.
The name of the farm La Rosa came about due to a small river that goes through the farm and due to its humidity, lots of flowers grow near it, particularly beautiful roses. Juan Javier started growing coffee 30 years ago out of his interest of agriculture. He had previously had a small coffee nursery where he grew from seed and sold the 9-month-old plants to coffee producers. One day he decided to start his own production. He was able to sustain his family and kids with coffee who then also took a liking to coffee growing and together they have been improving production and processes.
Thoughts from the producer:
“Along with my family we often remember all the moments we have had with the production of coffee, without a doubt we have learned that each coffee plant has a story for us, and that behind each one of these trees there is a lot of sweat and hard work from every member of our Family. Our lands and climate have gifted us with great results, but we always make sure to respect the land and nature in order to maintain a balance, therefore we try to be as organic as possible.”


Taste profile
How to understand the grid on packaging?

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to choose your coffee, so we worked with the guys from Steezy Graphic Studio to come up with a “grid” – a simple grid where you can easily find the characteristics of each coffee.
The red dot next to the description of each coffee is placed exactly there, so that you can easily imagine how the coffee will taste.

Citrus – chocolate
Here we’d like to give you an idea of how fruity the coffee will be. There’s a long way from citrus to chocolate, so imagine more in between:
citrus, berries, green apples, red apples, stone fruits, dried fruits, nuts, milk chocolate and dark chocolate 😉

Mild – wild
What is mild coffee? We’d say it’s unpretentious. A coffee that you can just have every morning and not have to think too much about it. It’s just good.
The higher the dot, the more excitement you can expect in the taste of coffee. The more surprising and fun it can be. These coffees are fruity, fun, interesting and make you think about what it is that you actually enjoy about them so much.